Germany May 2000 (Pt. 2)

Constant Legal Crusing Speed, 184kp/h

Had lunch at the Lion’s Club (Pictures to come SOON!) -seems like all I talk about is FOOD… got to come up with more content I think. Met Dieter for dinner at the Mainterasse right next to the Main River in Seligenstadt:

Drove back to Moerlenbach and rode on Helmut’s BMW bike at extremely high (legal) speeds – FUN! Turns out Moerlenbach is located in what the Germans call the “old woods” area, filled with forests and valleys. Spent Saturday evening at the Knollman’s (Axel, Heike, Ina, and Pia) with Andreas for a BBQ, German-style – even more tasty German food  than I can think of…

May 7. After watching the F1 Grand Prix at Helmut’s house, the Frankens and I went to  a local restaurant… this is what I ordered – delicious pork hocks:

after dinner we enjoyed sitting at Helmut’s terrace, talked, drank apple wine, and played with the their two dogs, Osha and Felix.