Running Playlist

I’ve been training for my upcoming half marathon, in hopes to PR my previous finish time of 1:56 – the ‘unrealistic’ goal time this year is 1:50 (yup, I’m trying to shave six minutes off my record), but honestly if I can finish faster than 1:56 I’ll be a happy man. 

Why do I think I can shave six minutes off my record, you ask? 1) I have better racing shoes, 2) I trained harder this year, 3) I have a better running music mix to get me going this year, and 4) I just want to see how far I can push myself (without getting hurt, of course)!!!

Speaking of my ‘running mix’, this is what’s playing in my ears, on days when I need to run at race-day-pace (that’s  ~8:23 minute/mile, in case you are wondering):