11 years

The last month of the year and I think this will be the LONGEST post of the year so far. Before I begin, the above picture was taken atop the 9Xth floor of the 101 Building in Taiwan on a cloudy day. It looked beautiful with the sun setting far left and its ray peeking through the cloudy day. Underneath it the lives of everyday Taipei People goes on… THAT IS WHY I THINK IT IS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PICTURES I TOOK THIS YEAR.

Sitting my my hotel room on a Wedneday night on a business trip. My friends right now are either 1) sleeping, 2) watching TV together, 3) taking care of their babies, or 4) partying. Am I happy? Honestly, AS HAPPY AS I CAN BE, SITTING IN FRONT OF MY LAPTOP.


In general, today I have my health (no serious problems that I know of – some tests will confirm that). I have a wonderful fiancee who gives me the freedom but keeps me in check. My family loves me. I have a great job with a company that gives me the freedom while trusting me to maximize my efforts to make them as much money as I possibly can.

In detail, my girlfriend said “yes” when I knelt down in front of her this summer and asked her to marry me. Her lost cat (for all of five days, but felt like silent eternity when we gave up all hope that she would return safe) walked home last weekend like nothing had happened. Today I had a great workday followed by a good dinner (too many calories, in my opinion, but awesome), had a few drinks but not so much to affect my emotions. Furthermore, had great conversation with a colleague who told me his neighbor suddenly got sick and had to be in a medically induced coma to overcome the blood infection that somehow got into his body. Selfishly I thought “thank goodness I am okay” but in a Ghandi/Mother Theresa way happy that the man is now awake and healthy for now. Yes. LIFE IS INDEED GOOD.

During dinner I was also discussing about how another friend was always unhappy; to the point of telling another friend at a party that “honestly I rather be somewhere else than here with you”. To that negative-minded person, I have only TWO WORDS for you. GROW UP. Actually, four words. GROW THE FUCK UP. Those who have been following my web site would know that this is probably the FIRST time I used the F-word. That is how honest/raw I feel about this – if you can’t be an adult enough to handle a party with demi-friends (let’s call the rest-of-us, that, if not true friends) then get the EFF home and mope infront of your fireplace/tv/Xbox/girlfiend/pet. The fact that i am hanging out with you while my own family is at home should be enough clues that I AM IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU. If you can’t see that and still bitch and whine day and night in front of me, F*CK OFF (yes I can only use that word once per-post).

What is the purpose of this post? Rewind back a year and you will see it is the same as last year. Be thankful that you are not the supposed ninety-nine percent like the occupy-whatever movement (honest to god/allah/budddah today I experienced my first OCCUPY-THIS-YOUTUBE-MUSIC-VIDEO-EVENT) would like you to believe that your life is really that tough. If you are reading this post from an i-anthing/I-have-a-faster-download-bandwith-than-you-carrier/fruit-description mobile device/machine-with-a-gigahertz speed-defintion/have more to worry about than what latte to drink tomorrow/food choice to choose from/friend(s) to depend on/bed to sleep in/horrible job to go to tomorrow… TAKE A FRIGGIN DEEP BREATH, A STEP BACk, and honestly be thankful for what you DO HAVE around you.

You may have 100 back-stabbing friends, but focus on the one you can bitch all of them to with. Hug/Kiss your dearest love/family member/friend, and be happy you are still breathing to enjoy their company. I’ve said enough. Now go live life as happy as you can make it, since it is YOUR LIFE. AND IT IS NOT THAT BAD SINCE YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET AND NOT PICKING DINNER FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S GARBAGE CAN.

Now that’s what I would say if I did a commencement speech at a local kindergarten, since Stanford is too out-of-reach for me (my last name did not end with Jobs and I have yet to create anything noticable).

Why all the sentimental, existential viewpoints? Today is Mother’s Day for me. Exactly 11 years ago I said goodbye to my mother over the phone for the last time. To this day it still feels like yesterday. Don’t get me wrong. My life is okay now and I am an extremely happy and fulfilled person. But not a day goes by where I wish I was able to tell my mom how much I loved her IN PERSON. Don’t waste YOUR opportunity.