Where did my morning go?

Previously on lewislau.com… On Thursday evening I worked late, and woke up early on Friday morning for work (4 hours of sleep). Figured that i would go to bed a bit earlier, but didn’t expect to completely pass out on the couch minutes after dinner (pictured above)

Somehow I got up around 11:30pm, tried to go to bed but realized that my allergies was bothering me and rolled around in bed for about 2 hours before deciding to take 2 Benadryl tablets before trying again. Think I finally got to bed around 2:30am


Woke up by myself, and looked at the clock. 1:30pm.



I heard that antihistamines make you drowsy, but not THAT drowsy. Where did my morning go? I was so looking forward to the long weekend, not expecting for it to fly pass like this!