Allergies… :(

The strange weather in LA is finally (almost) back to normal. The past week has been unusually cold (high 50F to low 60F in the mornings) and rainy after work. So even when I try to motivate myself to go for a run/bike the weather usually doesn’t cooperate.

Then there’s the part where I can’t find the energy in the morning – at first I thought I was getting sick (nope). Then I thought I’m not sleeping enough (so I went to bed one night at 10:30pm… no go – still tired the next morning). Finally a friend told me it is high allergy season – BINGO. Today I woke up, popped a Claritin, and HELLO ENERGY (the three cups of coffee helped too). Wonder if my customers noticed that I was talking just a bit faster than normal 😉

With some of my favorite TV shows ending, and new ones ready to start, I am happy that Two and A Half Men is back on the schedule (sans Sheen, now with Kelso). I know the internet is full of speculators about how to write Charlie off and introduce Ashton. My guess would be that Charlie either suddenly dies or moves to a faraway land (with a “goddess”), but instead of giving the house to Alan, he passes it on to Ashton, who now lives with Alan and Jake. Reboot complete. Hopefully it works, as I think it is just genius to cast Ashton Kutcher, which makes the show now two-and-a-half-billion-twittering men (and housewives).

Another TV show I’ve been following (those on FB knows) is Glee – one more episode to go before the season is over. Julia and I was quite excited for Matthew Morrison’s upcoming concert in July (I bought tickets for both of us), but yesterday he announced that he is cancelling his show, and joining Back Street Boys and New Kids On The Block on their boy-band-tour 2011. Normally I would be super-excited to go too, but the bad news is that their LA stop happens BEFORE Julia comes to LA 🙁 Damn You Will Schuester.