Monday Blues

I hate Mondays. There – I said it. Anyone who tells you they love Mondays, they must not have to work that day. It’s almost a recovery day, where everyone moves in slow motion. Customers react slow, they return phone calls later than usual, and Chinese people drive even slower than they already do.

How to kick start the week? After work I got home and went into my garage, and opened a box which I haven’t opened since moving to Pasadena last September. I then spent the next hour unpacking (read: tossing) the contents. It sure felt good to get clean the box out. One down, Two-or-so more to go 🙂

Then I spent another 20 minutes taking apart my home network, just to put to back together again. Realizing that I was missing two extra-long network cables, I took a break and did some shopping. Clicked the ORDER button, only to hit CANCEL ORDER 20 seconds later, because I forgot to buy a few more items

That sums up my Monday. Sorting/Tossing. Construction/Deconstruction. The breaking-down of weekend laziness to the hustle-and-bustle of the reminder of the work week. Have a good week everyone!