Almost Weekend…

I was on the line with some level-one (read: low) phone operator yesterday at Disney. He was supposed to find me information on pricing for Epcot Center, and instead of putting me on hold, decided to put me in a strange silence. Only it wasn’t absolute silence – I could still hear the background noise, and him BREATHING.


People just don’t know basic phone etiquette anymore. Either put me on F#####G hold (trust me – I rather be listening to Michael Bolton than you breathing), or just push the MUTE button. Anything but awkward silence – those are for fights with your parents, response when your husband tells you he is leaving you, or if your best friend tells you he/she is gay and has a crush on you.

This operator’s boss should be fired.

Yeah, if you haven’t noticed – the allergies is bothering me, and I forgot to buy any meds for it… 🙁

The picture above is from Shinjuku (Tokyo) a few years ago…