Transformers Movie

I was at the advanced screening of The Transformers movie last night. As expected, Michael Bay made the movie like all his other summer blockbusters – an explosion every 60 seconds, robot transformations that are absolutely awe-inspiring, with a storyline… uh…(I sort of forgot what the story is about). But it doesn’t matter. In a nutshell, super-energy cube + good alien robots + bad alien robots = bang / great CG / bang explode bang / action packed robot transformations / more exploding bang bang bang bang.

Honestly, I never got into the cartoon back in the 80s – it was between my He-Man/She-Ra phase morphed into Thundercats, but then Japanimation pulled me into GundamMacross, and other better drawn (in my opinion) cartoons. But this is an awesome movie. So far there hasn’t been any summer action blockbuster – until now.

Go watch it, even if you don’t like robots.