While sitting in my hotel room a few weeks ago I ventured upon an infomercial that caught my attention – over the years I have seen commercials on Tae-BoDancing Fitness, and almost bought Daisy Fuentes’ endorsement on Pilates.

Until I saw Tony Horton‘s P90X infomercial. It has been about 2.5 weeks, and I feel great – this is one fitness program that works with my crazy travel schedule – I can basically do every exercise in any hotel room (with the addition of a fitness tube kit. So far no visible signs of me looking like my new 45-year old idol himself, but I’m almost back at my college weight of 145lbs (as of today, 148)!!!

My favorite is the Plyometrics. Kicks my butt in high gear (heart rate at 187, on and off for an hour)!

I haven’t been so excited about late night infomercials since the Ginsu knife and Color Magic colored car wax

… and I am sure this will be around for a MUCH longer time than the color magic wax which I tossed into the garbage can after a year… be sure to check it out, and as Tony says, BRING IT!