For those who have not been watching the news lately, there are legislations that are being voted on to reform immigration laws.
In a nutshell:
Illegal immigrants here more than five years could work for six years and apply for legal permanent residency without having to leave the country. Those here two years to five years would have to go to border entry points sometime in next three years, but could immediately return as temporary workers. Those here less than two years would have to leave and wait in line for visas to return.

I think it F#^&ING SUCKS. I myself have been through all the correct legal channels and applied for my own legal residence in the United States, and now they are granting legal status to illegal immigrants who have lived here for 5 years or more?

President GW Bush said, “An immigration system that forces people into the shadows of our society, or leaves them prey to criminals is a system that needs to be changed”. I disagree entirely, due to the fact that the sole purpose of immigration law is to PROHIBIT those who want to enter the U.S. illegally from gaining entry, and to FORCE those who have already sneaked in out, immediately.

Shadows of our society? I hope they rot there. Prey to criminals? That is the risk they take when they scale the fence or hide inside a trunk to come here.
Bush added, “I’m confident that we can change our immigration system in ways that secures our border, respects the rule of law, and, as importantly, upholds the decency of our country.”

If allowing criminals (there, I said it – these are CRIMINALS) to not only get away with their crime, but also reward them based on the amount of time they have been criminals is what is defined as “upholding the decency of our country”, then it is indeed as sad day for the history of the United States.
Maybe I should ask for a refund on the thousands of dollars I paid to get my residency processed…