A regular day in the life of Lewis

I went to bed REAL early last night, at around 9:00pm, and didn’t wake up until 6:00am when my friend Jess called from Hong Kong to ask me to buy Megan (my god daughter)┬áthis.

In any case this morning was the day I decided to head over to the INS for my green card process. My paperwork specified that the office was open from 8am – 2pm… so I arrived at 7:50, ok? Now I walk in, and the security gard told me the office was closed. Huh? I was then told to try again tomorrow at 6:00a.m. to get in line for my backstreet boys concert tickets, oops, sorry – green card.

So I went to work and had a real busy day – so immersed I didn’t even notice the time until I was almost too late – 5:45pm – for my tax-filing meeting at 6:00pm in St. Paul!

So tax-filing was done at 6:30pm. After dinner I flew over to Richfield (in my Miata, hehe), for my haircut appontment at 8:30… finally got home at 9:30, and relaxed with a game of Socom:Navy Seals

Of course I have to end the evening with a blog of my day… Tomorrow: 6:00am at the INS, and then my super-duper Cable Modem install tomorrow night!