War, localized or WW3?

I remember when I was younger, and was taught that WWII was such a disasterous war that was brought on by imperialistic countries attacking others, which led to a period of world (economic and social) confusion.

Everyone is talking about how this is a “War on Iraq”, or a localized incident of Democracy -vs- Evil Regime… has anyone viewed this (US continuing to call certain European counries “Old Europe”, defying the United Nations – or is it “Old U.N.”?) as a War against U.N.?

Perhaps the United States has become not “part of the U.N.”, but an entity for which it thinks it IS the United Nations.

If this war on Iraq becomes the trigger effect which brings on World War III, would the pro-war advocates still be behind it?

War = Bad
Huge cost of war, at a time when the economy isn’t exactly rosy = Bad
Creating an atmosphere of U.S. -vs- the World = Bad

If democracy is what we are aiming to spread in Iraq, shouldn’t the method to achieve democracy be a diplomatic one in which the WORLD (and I do NOT define the world as solely the 50 States which constitutes the U.S. of A) decides on how to proceed? That just strengthens the belief that this war would NOT bring on democracy in Iraq, intead it would bring the term “democracy” a bad name.

Bombs away, I suppose.