The Parking Ticket Incident

I came out of a restaurant the other night to discover that I had received a parking ticket:

After confirming that I wasn’t crazy – sign read “NO PARKING 1am – 8am”, and the time was 8:40pm, I went home to devise my war against the illiterate law enforcement officer who wrote me this ticket – how did this officer decide to give me a ticket and not the 4 other vehicles parked right in front of me?

The next day, while having lunch with a co-worker (I was still fuming over this incident), I was asked a few strange questions:

– do I drive a red car?
– what does P/U stand for?
– was Minnesota FHH 457 the license place for my Miata?

Astonished, I read into the ticket:

and discovered that the ticket did not belong to me. Someone decided to just stuff me a ticket that they had received…

what the &%@#?

I suppose this is the scheme – someone would get this ticket, think that they deserved it, and blindly help pay the fine for the driver who actually got the ticket in a red GMC pickup truck, MN license plate FHH457. I hope the schmuck who devised this stupid plot gets a warrant out for his/her arrest, and rot in jail.