Pet Peeve

Just watched an episode of The Real World on MTV, and I have to admit, it annoys the hell out of me. No – the concept of a room full of hot people living in a posh Las Vegas hotel suite is not the problem. It is one of my pet peeves listening to these people open their mouths and try to make a point…

From what I see, the show lasts 30 minutes. If you edit out all the clips where these guys and girls utter the words “you know…”, the show would be probably truncated down to 5 minutes.

I am not talking about the standard “you know”, seeking agreement after making a statement. It is the “you know” that populates and pollutes an entire sentence over and over again, which usually renders the entire statement (as well as the intelligence of the speaker) down to an idiotic rant – these “you know”s annoy me.

While I am on the topic, I should start my brief list of my other pet peeves:

– people who can not write a complete sentence without having people think that they are complete morons.
– people who can not speak a complete thought without having people think that they are complete morons.
– people who can’t spell (I am not talking about those who type fast and don’t bother to spell check – I am talking about those who confuse THERE with THEIR, for example).
– people who don’t know how to use punctuation marks accordingly.
– rude people.
– people who drive slow.
– people who drive slow in the passing lane, then becomes rude when you politely flash them with your high beams from behind.
– stupid people who think they are smart.

The list goes on and on, but I should stop here so I don’t get incomprehensible e-mail death threats. Furthermore, I promised my brain to go to bed before midnight to prevent overheating like the past few days, blogging and surfing until 4:00 a.m.

Good night.