Drupa 2000 (Pt. 4)

Four more days to go… at least for me. During the show I saw some old buddies of mine from R.I.T… David and Lim. Small world isn’t it?

I am starting to like working my b#tt off all day, and partying my head off all night :p

Starting to see a pattern… do the same for 10, 20, or 30 years, and you will start to understand what kind of

Dieter runs on…

The perfect example of a typical day for Dieter: Image taken right before Dieter goes to bed for a POWER nap at 6:30

Dieter talking to Christoph and Helmut at 10:00am… HOW DOES HE DO THAT?

Since I had a good (6 hours!) night sleep the evening before, I did three english demos in a row, and lost my voice (ha ha). Decided to hide out in the kitchen:

“I need a Ricola please!!!!”
talking to our friends from Ro Bin trading in Taiwan

Helmut’s order for munchies was fulfilled. The standard cheese plate from Ruttenscheider-Hof

I stayed with Dieter in the hotel restaurant until 6:30am… finally realize that I don’t have 

in me just yet… It’s strange to go to bed when birds are chirping outside my hotel room window, knowing you have to wake up in an hour…

Dieter with the lovely hostesses of Ruttenschneider Hof, 6:25am