Drupa 2000 (Pt. 3)

Too busy to take any pictures during the show… Nadja (Helmut’s daughter), who is also in the graphic arts industry, came by to check our incredible demonstrations… On the way home, aboard the CGS bus

The third “after show” meeting back at the hotel. Andreas and Christoph discuss how many ORIS Page packages we’ve sold so far: 27

Dieter decides to take us out to a fancy restaurant – Purzelbaum, Das Restaurant im Stadtwald (The restaurant in the city-forest):

I finally get to meet Waldemar and his wife Barbara in person.

May 21.

Helmut the sleepy man before the show
Helmut the tough man at the show
Bernd’s presentation on spot color trapping with copydot files
Meanwhile, Judith prepares food in the kitchen
Andreas happy with the results so far – ORIS Page packages sold: 32
Saw Waldemar and Barbara again at the booth