Lau-San. Waku-su On. Waku-Su Off. Goo Doo Jobu desu nee!

Woke up early after our 7/4 bike ride and decided that I wanted to hand wash both our cars and give it a wax… The wash took approximately 40 minutes total, and the interior about an hour.

The part that took the most time was the waxing – one layer of cleaner wax applied by hand to Julia’s VW SUV: 1 hour. Hand removal of wax: 15 minutes. Second layer of liquid carnauba wax applied by hand: 30 minutes. Hand removal of wax: 15 minutes.

While resting and staring at my trusty old Infiniti I decided to take a shortcut – busted out my orbital wax polisher, and applied cleaner wax: 10 minutes followed by hand removal of wax: 10 minutes. Liquid carnauba layer: 10 minutes. Removal: 10 minutes.

Then I spent another 10 minutes staring at the mirror finishes of both cars

Glad I don’t do this EVERY week 🙂