My other favorite album this summer – Yuna

The other day I posted that John Mayer’s new album, Born and Raised, is my current favorite album this summer – I have it on repeat in my car for the past three weeks, non-stop (yeah, I am that OCD).

At home I’ve decided to have some variety, so I have THIS album on repeat on my PS3 – again, play album, repeat.

John Mayer needs no introduction, obviously. So I want to take the time to give this girl, Yuna, a shout-out. She is originally from Malaysia, and had just recenty released her new self-titled album a few months ago. A few weeks ago I heard this song, and was immediately hooked.

If I have to give one word to describe her voice, it would be… ethereal. Check it out, or better yet, buy her album 🙂