Chill Evening

With work finally winding down for the day, I am  taking a break from the gym tonight (ran my butt off for 30 minutes yesterday). Broke open a bottle of Heineken Light, listening to my current favorite album this summer (seriously, it’s JM’s best album so far), and trying to complete this redesign (which, funnily, looks almost exactly the same as before) and finishing up our online wedding photo album (almost done, I promise!)

Oh yeah – for those who isn’t on FB or someone I usually talk to – Julia and I got married in March this year, and a few weeks ago we had a small church ceremony and wedding reception in Bonn/Godesburg, Germany with some family and friends. It was great fun and I miss being with everyone under one roof – it’s strange, but as we get older it becomes harder and harder to have all your friends gather for anything anymore (thanks to those who traveled afar to hang out – and for some of you – HELP us organize the events leading to the reception)!

Julia is still in Germany, awaiting her visa to get approved so she can join me here in LA (as with all things government, no way of knowing how long this may take). Until then it’s back to what we normally do – Skype.

The picture above is the always-amazing Cologne Cathedral (also called the ‘Dome’) which never ceases to amaze me, and humble me every time I visit to try to take a picture – only to swallow my defeat for not knowing how to take ANY picture of this ginormous building. I think next time I’ll try to bring a fisheye lens and try it once more.