Fear of Heights

I have always been afraid of heights. Still remember a few years back when my friend Bill and I went to The Grand Canyon’s North Rim, and even though the path to the top was about 15-20 ft. wide, I literally CRAWLED up because I was so afraid of “rolling over the edge” down the canyon (meanwhile children were running and giggling by me).

A few weeks ago Bill came by to LA over the weekend and we decided to take a spontaneous trip out to Joshua Tree to take some pictures. There were so many rock formations… I strangely had the urge to take a picture from atop one of these boulder piles… hmmm – what about my fear of heights?

The fear is still there – I just refused to look down and just kept climbing (with my new camera safely tucked away, of course):

The satisfaction of taking this picture once I got to the top? Priceless.

Bill was quite surprised that I made it up to the top 🙂


It took me quite a bit longer to come down afterwards, though.

Things I would do these days to get a good shot 😛