this is how my day went…

What a way to start the morning… finally got all packed up for my early morning flight, set my alarm on my Blackberry for 6am, and went to bed by midnight…


Suddenly I woke up, realizing that someone called me on my home number… but NO ONE CALLS ME ON MY HOME NUMBER (except people trying to sell me newspaper subscriptions)… looked at the clock, and OH MY LORD IT WAS 6:25am! Julia had been trying to ring my cell since 6am and my ringer seems to be broken.

WHAT THE &^#@*. WTF. ^#%@.

Quick shower, threw all my last-minute-items into the suitcase, and off I went. Rebooted the phone and the ringer seems to be working again. Set vibrate to ON for my alarm, just in case if it breaks while I am asleep in the future. RIM gets the big MEH from me.


Arrived in Phoenix where I experienced 115 degrees F (46 C) for the first time. Oh my lord – it was so hot that even MAX BLAST on my rental car’s air conditioning didn’t do a thing to cool me down.

Fast forward a few hours… it is now 9:30pm, and I am poolside, forgetting all the crap that happened today. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m going to cool off the natural way, in the water 🙂

Oh yeah guess why I love HDR so much? There is no other way to get the effect from the photo, taken in almost-completely-darkness!