Ten years go by, and I still miss her.

I know I said that I was retiring my Nikes after the mud run. Well, I changed my mind. It was such fun yesterday I decided to clean the shoes up, in case I decide to run another one of these mud races in the near future 🙂

Overall, I was just happy to be able to finish, but the Sprint-8 training definitely did my heart well – aside from a section of uphill runs, I was in control of my heart rate. I was able to avoid injury, aside from being elbowed in the head by someone who tried (and slipped off) an 8-foot wall, and kicked my shin against a giant wheel spindle.

For those with Facebook, I posted a partial photo gallery here. I have posted the complete gallery to this web site:

Gallery 1
Gallery 2

Today I woke up sore everywhere, but felt every bit proud of myself for one of the reasons I did the run…

This one’s for you, mom.