Happy New Year! Believe it or not it has been more than 6 months since my last post – the truth is that Facebook has taken over most of my blogging time (since it is so much easier than logging into my site, resizing pictures, and then posting) – if only there was a phone app to post new entries 🙁

For Christmas I spent packing my suitcase, and then headed over to Germany for a short visit with Julia and her family – my best presents this year consist of something high-tech (iPad from Tom!) and something extremely thoughtful (awesome hand-made shoe bags from Julia!)! Julia also got me a new iPod shuffle, to help me through my winter exercise routines. Last night I went for a 45 minute jog – hopefully I get into a routine so I can achieve my goal of losing 10 pounds in the next few months.

After a few days in Germany I headed back to Minneapolis for a short work meeting, where I took the above picture at 6:00am. It was -7 degrees Fahrenheit and I was the only one walking around the frozen Mississippi. The High Dynamic Range picture was taken next to the Mill City Museum, where they make my favorite bread flour 🙂

Hopefully more posts to follow soon… 🙂