Griffith Park + L.A. at Night: FAILED TIME LAPSE

My first major fail of a timelapse. Took four hours of pictures only to find out at later that my camera had a focus problem at certain zoom levels. Will definitely attempt this again, as this spot is absolutely PERFECT for a timelapse.

These following variables didn’t help:

– underdressed
– underprepared (no more spontaneous hike/shoots from now on). Next time I need:
   Thick(er) Sweater and Gloves
   Portable Chair
   Better Tripod (pretty windy for my tabletop tripod!)
   Fully Charged Cell Phone
   Working Camera
– L.A.’s June Gloom Skyline

Music: Medley: Why Not / City Lights (Fpm Samba Mix) / Beautiful Days by Fantastic Plastic Machine
Featuring Vocals: Yoshie Nakano (from EGO-WRAPPIN’) & Haven L. Clayborne
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