Team Space Ballon Launch #2: Success!

This past weekend my friends and I launched a weather balloon into near-space, about 20 miles above ground 🙂

The balloon also carried a custom-made foam box containing a hacked camera which took a picture every 15 seconds, and a GPS-enabled phone (to recover the package). The balloon was launched at 7:19am on Saturday morning, and about 3 hours later we recovered it from lake in the middle of a RV park (Bill swam out to retrieve our payload while I was soliciting help from a motorboat-owner)…

On Sunday I watched German destroy England, 4-1. Reminded me of my Oktoberfest experience, since I watched it from an Irish bar, ordering beer at 8:00 in the morning 😛

Well the weekend is over – back to work. Julia arrives in less than 3 weeks – YAY! Beautiful shot, no?