Memorial Day

Even though Memorial Day is meant for the lost soldiers, I spent it remembering my mom – it’s almost ten years since she left this world, and I still miss her so.

Over the weekend I watched Tokyo Tower, a 2007 Japanese movie. Somehow I can relate to the character a lot – he left home when he was quite young, but his mom was always there to support him, any way she could.

One of the part that differed between my life and the movie was the way we said goodbye to our mothers – one regret in my life is not being able to say goodbye in person, and to thank her for everything that she did for me.

The picture above was (in my mind) the most touching scene – the man decided to offer his hand to his mom to walk across the street, and suddenly realized that it was the first time in his adult life he held her hand.

Even though mother’s day is long gone, spend the day you read this to tell the important person in your life you love him/her – you never know if you will ever have the chance to do that again. Seize the day like it’s the last.