Time Travels

Decided to take it easy today. Woke up this morning to do laundry, vacuum, and then to just chill and relax all day – somehow it just seemed right, after my strange flu this past week.

This afternoon I decided to put turn on my PS3 and randomly chose movies to watch – first I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, then The Time Traveler’s Wife. Don’t know why it suddenly chose movies that dealt with how people in relationships dealt with the effects of time…

A few things were confirmed today:

1) I am not crazy for thinking occasionally that Tilda Swindon and Cate Blanchett look alike – they do resemble each other (another two who look alike, in my opinion, are Kurt Russell and Patrick Swayze).

2) Rachel McAdams is hot 😛

3) It’s nice to have a clean apartment, clean clothes, and to just lay on the couch and DO NOTHING…

Oh yeah, the picture above? Tilt-Shift image of Lake Geneva, taken sometime in the fall of 2001during a sailing championship.

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!