One Month Down…

Not that I am counting, but my first month of this year isn’t exactly spectacular. Work-wise it is just absolutely peachy, if you consider getting a dose of 30-day continuous enema (figuratively speaking) pleasurable. Merci Beaucoup, thank goodness it’s over.

What has happened is that while I am doing just fine with my personal life, work keeps serving me porcelain platters of slow-braised a$$holes with a side serving of sh*t-au-lait. Those whom I have considered friends end up turning on me, and constantly being thrown under the bus by my so called “buddies” doesn’t kick start a Happy New Year for me.

Oh well. One month down, and hoping that there aren’t eleven more of these months to go. I will, however, end my post on a happy note. This picture is of the cutest cat in the world (yes, I’ve said it – the CUTEST) – Leni ‘s Julia’s beautiful cat back home, and on this past vacation in Germany we’ve spend a lot of fun times together – some involving her purring on my stomach all night, but most are of her jumping back and forth playing with her cat toy 🙂

Sometimes I wish I had the life of a cat, and not a small part of what some calls a “dying industry”. Enough of this. I shall go to bed now and wake up in a more positive mood. MEOW.