Wha…? Baby Einstein No Work?

Me shocked today when I fine out dat my faborit videe-o since birth, Baby Einstein, is no good for me – signentests say dat theese videe-o make me have Ay-Dee-Dee (what’s that?), and can’t focus – oh see what’s that – a popsicle! Oh yeah, almost forgot I was typing… Oh my gosh they are remaking The A-Team!. Sorry. Back to what I am trying to tell you. I think it is a croc of sheet! I think it is all a conspiree-see theorie (whoa – that was almost a ivy-leak word I just pulled out – see – I’m a genieos for watching Baby Einstein every day since I got outta the housepital!!!).
What’s next, telling me dat my favorite Doctor and his DS game no work either? Everyone in my family tell me dats what got me into Special Ed’s class (I still haven’t met him yet, this Ed guy)!
(Lewis slaps and wakes himself up just in time to apologize for writing this post. Sorry)