10 Years Of Digital Photography

Those who are close to me knows that I love taking pictures – it’s the ASIAN inside me 🙂 Ever since my first digital camera in 2000 I’ve been upgrading my camera every two years or so… I have been drooling over the Panasonic Lumix LX3 for the past few months, especially since it is the exact same camera as the Leica D-Lux4 camera, two hundred dollars less sans the red dot 🙂

The problem? The LX3 has been out of stock ever since I’ve wanted one, and in the past few weeks I’ve even contemplated spending the extra $200 just to be able to finally get one… but I decided to just check on all the web sites, and hope that I get lucky.

Well lucky I was! Before heading to bed last night I decided to spontaneously check on Amazon, and guess what? They had two in stock!

These are the all the cameras I have had in the past 9 years, which I have used to take the pictures on this lewislau.com web site!