Hello Phoenix, Hello Awesome Hotel, Hello… 107 Degree Temperature!

Picture of my beautiful hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here for work all week and so far the temperature is kicking my butt while I run around in dress shirts and pants (yup – didn’t exactly pack polo shirts this time, oh well…)

On a totally separate note, I decided that VH1 is no longer my kind of TV channel – I still remember years ago living in Minneapolis, when theTV in my bedroom would auto-tune to VH1 every morning so I can wake up to their morning countdown, or watching Counting Crows doing “Storytellers”…

Now all you get is “I Love New York”, “Charm School”, and other assorted brain-dead, white-trash television shows every night. And just when I thought they would redeem themselves by bringing back “VH1 Divas” – this time round they present… Miley Cyrus. Yes you read it right. F-ing correct. VH1 puts her alongside Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Leona Lewis for its new “VH1 Divas” lineup.

Why the gripe? Remember the LAST INCARNATION of this show had Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher, Celine Dion, and Chaka Khan. now those are divas. Not Miley, and not Hanna Montana. What’s next – Kayne West Unplugged?