Alamo Rent A Car LAX – worst company ever.

What happens when you try to give away something you don’t have? This is what happened at Alamo the other day – Julia’s parents are visiting Los Angeles right now, and they got a good deal with Alamo rent-a-car by LAX – you just can’t say no to almost 40% off prices from Hertz, and Dollar, right?

WRONG. All the rental fees were pre-paid. After getting in line for about an hour and finally getting our paperwork for a minivan – the lady told us to go outside and pick out any minivans we want. We walk outside to an EMPTY isle where it says MINIVAN, while a crowd of people (all with paperwork in hand) surrounded one of the Alamo employees.

What happened is that there are about 25 people waiting for full-size SUVs and minivans, and there are none available. The excuses range from “we had a recall this morning”, “they all got rented out last night”, to “people just didn’t return the cars on time”. ALL BULL$HIT. The basic fact is that:

1) Alamo took too many reservations which they could not fulfill, and even worse…
2) Alamo don’t have the decency to let their customers know of this problem while they are waiting in line at the rental center, before going outside for a BIG surprise before they begin their vacation/business travels

Shame on you, Alamo. I am glad I never rented from you, and I will make every effort so that I never will.