Well I’ve been in Seattle since Thursday for work, and the winter snowstorm that is sweeping the nation right now is hitting Seattle hard – sat in the plane for about two and a half hours before Alaska airlines decided to cancel the flight.

While waiting in line at the gate (I wase about #20 in line) the gate agent recommended me to head outside the security (because “the agents outside would be better equipped to handle the rebooking of flights”). Headed outside and realized that now I was number #200!

Waited in line for another 2.5 hours and finally around midnight I got to the agent and he told me that he could book me on a flight out of Seattle on Monday evening, then turned around and whispered to his colleague how it’s awesome they’re making double-overtime tonight. Finally he told me due to the fact that the delay is caused by a natural act he would not offer us hotel or food coupons.

No thanks Mr. Alaska Airlines Employee – just give me my money back, as I had already booked myself a flight through Southwest Airlines the moment I got out of the gate area…

Lesson learned: 1) Don’t listen to low-paid employees of airline employees when they are “trying to help you” – they’re just being lazy and trying to figure out how to make their double-overtime, and 2) Try your best to fly out before it turns dark when you are in a winter storm.

Hoping I get to go home tomorrow – for tonight I get to sleep on the nice concrete floor of Seatac Airport 🙁