meine kamera ist kaput

Yup – after being my constant companion for the past 4 years, my beloved Nikon Coolpix 3700 finally took a dump and died. No it did not get run over by a car – what happened is that the lens got stuck (like most mini-point-and-shoots with protruding lens), and I decided to play Einstein. My futile attempt of repairing the lens became a 3-hour stress-fest of remembering which-screw-came-from-where, and what-is-this-f*&^ing-piece-of-plastic – proof of my lack of repair skills is aptly displayed in the picture above.

Good-bye, Nikon – welcome Canon – I went out and bought a new Powershot SD850IS… and guess what? The first week I brought it to use a friend of mine accidentally dropped it on concrete 🙁

Fortunately Canon was generous enough to categorize it under “warranty repair”. Lucky me.