Austrian Alps!

Less than two weeks after my 1st trip to Tahoe I had the opportunity to go to Germany for work – a colleague of mine invited me to spend the weekend snowboarding on the Austrian Alps. Oh my gosh what a weekend… on the first night after a day of snowboarding (and a few feet from the edge of a cliff – GLAD TO BE ALIVE), we got to see a German cover-band called “Kuh and The Gang” (Kuh is “cow” in German)… a very funny performance, fueled by Jagermeister shots, beer, beer, Jagermeister shots, and more beer. I had no recollection of the remainder of the first evening.

The second day was fun-as-hell… although I spent the first few hours on the slopes recovering from the drinks, by noon I was doing fine and enjoying the resort built around a glacier… Will definitely come back next year! The picture is of Bernd, my friend/colleague, and me around 300-or-so Austrian/Germans singing along to some updated remix of Rock Me Amadeus by Falco 🙂