Nintendo stole our ‘MEH’!!!

I swear I had an old post defining the word “MEH” on this site, but just realized that it probably was on the old web publishing engine my friend Dan wrote, called we::blog (it now consists of some Eastern European / Southeast Asian bloggers leaving random comments no one understands). So here it is again (a definition from my friend Bill and Aaron):

“meh” is created by a Vietnamese man (a friend of ours from our College days in Rochester , New York) named Thong, who created this strange word to define what has just happened, or been said is generally too dumb, silly, stupid, etc. to be commented upon.

So now, fast forward 15 years, while playing Nintendo’s Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door I found a scene that used the word ‘meh’!?!?! With over 2 million copies sold, we should have patented the freaking word