What is a Minnefornian?

I have moved from Minneapolis to call Los Angeles my new home… For 11 years I have made numerous friends, including one young girl who is very special to my heart. All were present at my farewell party, but somehow I forced myself to feel numb, busying myself with the last-minute details to finish before driving Westward.

It wasn’t until mid-party that I have realized that THIS IS IT – It may be a long time until everyone who was at the party to be together, under one roof, again.

That’s when I felt true sadness for the first time in a long while…

To all whom I have met and known in a deeper level – I hope that I was a good friend to you, and that our friendship will grow even as I am no longer closeby. Thank you for taking care of me as a friend, through the numerous good and bad times in my life.

Without your help it would have been very hard to deal with all the significant changes in my life (as I am writing this, I’ve become sad again) these past few years. You know who you are.

Being sort of a drifter (yeah, sometimes I consider myself that, being away from home since I was 16), I am happy to have found family in the company of several of you while living in Minnesota.

It is through your friendship and love that I have become who I am today, and for that I owe each and every one of you a BIG HUG (those who are close to me knows that I am not very good at that).

Hope to see you all VERY soon! Keep in touch!

P.S. Website revamp (or at least an update) coming soon… believe me this time.