How I prepare for Mondays…

We all live in a stressful world, mostly from self-inflicted stress. Some people relieve pressure by screaming at passing trains, some tear papers into thin strips, and some pay enormous amounts of money to lay down and talk to someone with a notepad and a recorder…

I do laundry and I iron.

I usually spend a lot of Sunday evenings watching television, usually a channel like CNN or CNBC, with the sound off, captions on, and music in the background. I do so to remove all the garbage spewing out of the newscaster’s mouths, as they so often put in “their 5 cents” about the news they are broascasting – I don’t care what YOU think about Iraq and the Presidental Election – just tell me the facts and let ME decide. So I find that Headline News on mute and Coltrane is a good mix.

Most often than not I would also have a load of fresh laundry ready for me to sort out – the folding is easy; I can usually get the T-shirts and socks out of the way pretty quickly. What pains me the most are the dress shirts that fills up an entire laundry basket.

For instance tonight it took me approximately 1.5 hours to iron approximately 35 shirts, while watching the Timberwolves -vs- Lakers game 2 (no Coltrane tonight, although I kept seeing some leftover ex-Jazz player farting around the court from the LA bench).

Ironing somehow regulates my mind from the reckless-mode my brain is in after two days of non-work, and gets it ready for the logic (or perhaps, blandness) it would experience for the next five days.

Or maybe I just like to see all the shirts hanging neatly inside my closets.

Other than the shirts, my place is still a big mess from all the travels. 🙁