Drupa 2004 Pt. 2. Moerlenbach & Dusseldorf, Germany

Spend 2 weeks in Germany for Drupa 2004 – one of the biggest trade shows in the world, dedicated to graphic arts and the printing industry.

Continuation of the day in Moerlenbach. I was invited to a nice barbeque at Helmut’s house (no we did NOT eat one of the giant bunnies). It was also an open-house at the local farmer/butcher’s, so Helmut and his daughter Lena took me to check out the animals. On the way back to Hainburg I tried one last time to break the 118mph speed limit on the autobahn 🙂

My stay in Seligenstadt / Hainburg is over – on the way to Dusseldorf, Germany where Drupa 2004 is to take place for 13 days (I am only staying for 8 days, lucky me)…

The show begins… nothing too exciting to take pictures of during the show… but after the show closes I get to hang out with my German colleagues and have some of the most memorable moments during my stay in Germany this time… One reason why I enjoy working alongside these fun-loving people 🙂