New Artist Discovery – Joss Stone

For those who I somehow did not talk to since I came back from Taiwan (SORRY SHAWN AND JACKY!), here is a quick update:

Returned home on Tuesday, 1/27… spent a few days in Minneapolis, and the following week went on a whirlwind cross-country installation trip first an installation in Washington, D.C., and then in New York City.

The past weekend I decided to spend in Bernardsville, N.J. with my friends Bill and Linda (Thanks for letting me stay at your home!), before flying out this morning to Pittsburgh, PA – then drove two hours to Butler, PA for an installation tomorrow.

Now the quick explanation of this post – being that the Fairfield Inn is offering free high-speed internet, I was surfing around, and discovered this incredible talent – a SOUL (as in Aretha Franklin) singer called Joss Stone. I listened to a sample of her song, and fell in love with her voice. What amazed me even more is that this talented singer is only sixteen years old (!), white (!!), and from Devon, England (!!!) What the…?

Looks like Britney Spears, sounds like Eva Cassidy. Simply amazing.

Check out her album, Soul Sessions, if you have a few minutes. Promise you won’t go wrong.