First Trip Home In 18 Years Pt. 3. Taipei, Taiwan

After I got my Green Card the first thing I did was get my paperwork ready (from a Taiwanese Resident to a Taiwanese Foreign National) to head back to Taiwan and visit my family. Finally in January of 2004, after 18 years away, I was homeā€¦

More pictures from Tom’s house in Taipei. Getting ready for my first Chinese New Year’s Eve with my family in 17 years… Megan kept me busy and entertained with her mini concert next to her puppy Oscar…

Had dinner with my family on Chinese New Year’s Eve. My brother Philip’s home in Shi-Ji, Taiwan

Driving to Guan Xi to Tom’s family gathering. Guan Xi, Taiwan. 2004 New Year’s Day. Tom’s mother’s family has their annual family gathering in Guan Xi (a town about 1.5 hours from Taipei), and Tom invited me to join in their festivities… The weather was horrible (wet and cold), and the traffic was awful – but it sure was fun watching Megan play with their other kids and having fun with fireworks!