Europe In One Week. Paris, France

Spent a week with Philip traveling in Europe. We met up in London, took a train to Amsterdam, and then to Paris… There was something wrong with my camera so most of the shots were horrible (SORRY PHILIP!!!)

We took the Eurostar onward to Paris. Arrived at Paris Gare du Nord and immediately got scammed by some people pretending to help us with buying transfer tickets to our intended station (Montparnasse) – these scammers knew that in Europe Visa, Mastercard, and American Express isn’t read-able by the normal ticket machines (you have to go to the information counter) and we stuck out like tourists like a sore thumb with our luggage – 30 seconds later (and 70 Euros poorer), Philip told me to calm my crazy self down, and we bought the proper 3-day unlimited Paris metro pass.