Recent Update – CRACKED RIB!

Here’s some more information to explain why there hasn’t been any updates recently

– I realized that this web site was filling the disk quota allowed for my account… my gracious web host John has granted me some more space – but before I go ahead and create more personal-diary-junk on the internet, I figure I should clean the web site up a bit (such as removing files that are not being used whatsoever)… please be patient as 6 months of pictures will be uploaded SOON.

– I have also been training for a 5k (~3mile) road race that took place last weekend. Actually semi-training since I have been lazy, and sleep always takes precedence over running (BAD!). Of Somehow despite my lack of training (mind-over-matter) I end up being 199 out of 733, averaging about a 8-minute mile… not bad for 10 years of body-abuse from travelling and eating garbage everyday…

Now the final update – the day after my road race I crewed on my boss’ Sonar racing yacht at the American Diabetes Association regatta on Lake Minnetonka. It was in the middle of the two back-to-back race when I realized that I really HURT something… a visit to the doctor and three hours later, the verdict came – “you have a broken rib”. Oops. 4 to 6 weeks to heal.