Is the war over…?

Came back from a day at work to my hotel room to find CNN reporting Iraqi “common people” toppling down a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad’s al-Fardous square.

I was shocked.

An U.S. soldier had draped a U.S. flag over the face of the statue of Saddam Hussein.

Why was I shocked? This demonstrates what some people (at war as well as at home) believes what this war is about; not regime change, not bringing democracy to Iraq – but a war that is purely US -vs- The Middle East, Bush -vs- Saddam. Greed over oil.

What happened to what the rest of the world thinks? I think this is just a huge dab of salt over the open wound inflicted by the United States to the United Nations; whether or not it is truly the intention of the US government, at least it was demonstrated by one soldier. Whether or not it is a common sentiment amongst the troops I don’t know.

At least someone higher above (in ranks) had the sense to replace the U.S. flag with an Iraqi flag moments later.

My final word:

US -vs- Iraq, game over.
US -vs- terrorists, Credit 2/2, Press START to begin.
US -vs- the World. Credit 1/2. Insert more coin(s) to continue.

As the U.N. Iraqi Ambassador (quickly and smartly, even smoothly) declared, “(this) game is over”.