Game Console Madness

I realized that lately I am extremely addicted to my PS2. I don’t even know why I can sit in front of my TV with the controller, and play without thinking…

Then I figured it out – I play a mindless game just to escape the stress and mindless working that I have been doing for the longest time; playing a driving game where I wander around a city with no goal is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I do every day – task after task, project after project, trip after trip. I need Mario Bros just so that I am not Lewis, even if it was just for a short hour.

Speaking of Mario Bros… for those who have been somehow linked to a game console or two (or like me, always having one around me since 1983, when my uncle brought home an actual Pac Man coin-op into our living room!), this link is for you – your own downloadable Mario Bros sprites!!! Somehow these simple characters bring a smile to my face.

The simple pleasures in life, when compared to the complicated issues in my otherwise mirror world, a.k.a. work.