I am a subscriber to AOL, not because I like the “You’ve got mail!” sound effects, that I can have automatic e-mail sorting, or perform a goggle-enhanced search. I have it because they have the most numbers of modem banks all across the United States – no matter where I go (and I do go almost everywhere). Every once in a while, though, I realize that once I log on, it immediately greets me with a “Goodbye” sound effect, and proceeds to log me off.

Strangely, this always happen when AOL comes up with a new, improved version. Getting on the phone with the helpful AOL tech support personnel (“Sir, do you have your modem plugged in?” – “I just told you I can dial every other ISP, and I am running AOL on my laptop!”) usually ends with a stressful hang-up, and a re-installation of the latest version of AOL.

Coincidence? I personally doubt it.

Imagine your Windows operating system decides to just CRASH whenever Microsoft releases a new version… that’s what I think is happening. Just a personal opinion.