Hong Kong 2002, Pt. 3

This documents my travels to Hong Kong to visit some good friends overseas. Also travelling from Japan is Maki Takeuchi who decided to take a few days off as well to all gather. It’s been about 4 years since I last visited, and everything is pretty much the same as before, except we’ve all grown older.

Oh yeah of course the most important thing about this trip – my good friend Tom and Jess have named me the godfather of their daughter Megan Lin… plenty of baby pictures in this travelogue, April 2002.

Woke up this morning and Tom’s mom told me to grab my camera – she wants me to document the “correct” procedure for helping Megan take a bath…

This is what I love about Asian cuisine. No I don’t mean the fancy schmancy restaurants – you can have those anywhere (try Los Angeles or Vancouver). But the real great places to eat don’t have advertisements (they don’t need any) – Tom told me of this place years before, while he was working at a hotel nearby in Tsim Sha Tsui