Shusenji 修善寺. Izu, Japan

Towards the end of January I had the chance to visit Japan with my brother Philip. It was a holiday simply to get away from all the worries in the past few months, as well as a chance to see each other after two years apart.

The passing of our mother made me want to weave a better web amongst us brothers, Philip, Kevin, and I, simply because the original bond, my mother, isn’t here anymore.

I am sure mom would want us to stick together, through good and bad times as well.

During this trip, Philip and I travelled through Kyoto, Osaka, Shusenji (in Izu), and Tokyo. These are the pictures that describe our fun times during this two-week trip.

Took the bullet train to Izu town of Shusenji, one of the most famous and oldest hot spring resort towns in Japan.

Next morning… we decided to take a walk around our hotel, Togetsusou Kinryu 渡月荘金龍, in a futile attempt to lose some of the weight we’ve gained since the beginning of this trip (I checked last night – I am 4 lbs. heavier since a week ago… OUCH)

A Riksha (what I call human-taxi) taking a break from hauling two slightly overweight girls around…

A public (read: next to the road) hot spring – believe me when I tell you – minutes ago this pool was occupied by 4 naked men in their forties… when they were done they scurried away back to where they came from NAKED… and it is all legal. They must not gave any streaking laws here…