Kyoto, Japan

Towards the end of January I had the chance to visit Japan with my brother Philip. It was a holiday simply to get away from all the worries in the past few months, as well as a chance to see each other after two years apart.

The passing of our mother made me want to weave a better web amongst us brothers, Philip, Kevin, and I, simply because the original bond, my mother, isn’t here anymore.

I am sure mom would want us to stick together, through good and bad times as well.

During this trip, Philip and I travelled through Kyoto, Osaka, Shusenji (in Izu), and Tokyo. These are the pictures that describe our fun times during this two-week trip.

Next morning… we have decided to tour the famous temple, Kingaku-Ji, the Golden-Corridor-Temple. Yes the entire structure is covered in gold foils… The famous Japanese author Mishima Yukio even wrote a book about it…

Next morning – en route to Osaka! On the way to the train station Philip joked that he should have checked my room since he thought I would surely have left something behind in my room… I told him to shut up…

Then we checked our train tickets, and suddenly I realized I’ve misplaced my eyeglasses! Karma comes back and bites me in the a$$ for telling Philip to shut up…

Hiro and I jump into a cab… yelling at the housekeeping lady to check again… it HAS TO BE IN THE ROOM!!!

And then I find it hanging right off the collar of my v-neck sweater.