Tokyo, Japan

I flew out from Minneapolis on Saturday, 1/13/2001 to Tokyo, Japan.

The event is Dieter’s 60th birthday. Attendees from all over the world includes:

Toshifumi Arakawa, Takashige Suetake, Martin and Stephan Koller, Uwe Jacobson, Yoshio Nishina, Trevor Haworth, Andreas Kaemmerer, Amely Huebner, Rand Ridley, Kenichi Funayama, Motonori Nagai, Seiichi Nishikawa, Akio Kaneda, Katsushi Kaneda, Raymond Fung, Tatsuya Kawaguchi, Shoichi Takeda, my brother Kevin, and many, many more.

These are photos from the evening before the birthday celebration, on 1/14/2001.

While most attendees went on after Trader Vic’s to a small Karaoke Bar, I went back to the hotel room and uploaded some of the pictures… since I got only my 64MB memory card, I am sure there will be more pictures to take TOMORROW.